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The program is designed to train all athletes of any sport with the proper techniques and mechanics of elite sprint training! Athletes will take away improved athleticism specifically for his or her sport, most importantly athletes will take away a positive attitude, motivation and leadership skills forming a solid foundation for creating confidence and greatness.

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Speed Pods

Our group training program focuses specifically on correcting common errors while boosting multi-directional speed. Our training regimen will teach proper body control through deceleration and acceleration, allowing athletes to change directions more efficiently with less chances of getting injured. Athletes will undergo testing at the beginning and end of the camp. We will be tracking progress through the camp with our McLloyd GPS  systems that every athlete will wear daily tracking specific metrics such as Top Sprint Speed (MPH), acceleration rate, change of direction & many others.



7 weeks


Mon/Wed/Fri ; 10am-12pm


2 hour


Santa Fe Christian


12 people


$1000 per person

How we make you faster


Measuring an athletes change in velocity. We wanted to quantify what athletes are doing from an acceleration standpoint, and then figure out how to target that and create individual programs, helping athletes actually get better at that acceleration.


Maximum Velocity

Looking at the physical and technical tools necessary to reach maximum velocity (top speed). Putting those two together to create a profile for the athletes to help them reach their individual goals.

Direction Change

Improving the athletes ability to accelerate, decelerate, stop and re accelerate in any direction without losing speed and balance.


Data-driven progress reports

Athletes will be provided with live data tracking throughout the duration of the session along with bi-weekly progress reports through our Mac Lloyd GPS tracking system that each athlete will have.

$800 per person

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Lead for speed!

Coach Harper was born and raised in San Diego, after playing football and running track at Santa Fe Christian, He chose to continue his football career becoming a 4-year starter at Ohio Wesleyan University. His experience as a collegiate athlete and receiving a degree in Exercise Science has given him a unique skill set to identify the essential movements necessary in building speed and athleticism. Coaches, trainers and mentors have impacted his life in such a positive way, he wants to make the same impact on others. His desire is to establish himself as a positive role model in his community and for his athletes as his coaches from high school once did for him.

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